Buddy Workout in the Park


Tired of working out solo, earbuds in, taking a lonely walk on the gym treadmill? This summer, spice up your workout by grabbing a buddy and heading to a park or outdoor space to soak up some sun while you get your sweat on! Working out with a friend is a fun way to bond and motivate each other to reach those health and fitness goals. You might even get a little friendly competition going on! Try out these moves– no equipment needed– at your favorite outdoor spot. Make sure to warm-up for a few minutes with a light jog around the park, then go through this sequence 3 times with your buddy.

  1. Wheelbarrow Push-Up and Squat

Partner A begins in a high plank, with arms straight, shoulders and chest right above the hands, and belly button pulled in tight. Partner B stands behind A’s feet and lifts A’s ankles so that A is in a “wheelbarrow” position. From here, A lowers into a push-up, B (still holding A’s ankles) lowers into a squat, keeping weight in the heels and knees in line with toes. As A pushes returns up to high plank, B stands up straight and squeezes glutes. Repeat for 10 reps, then switch.

  1. Jump Squat and High Five

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder next to your partner, but facing opposite directions so that your right shoulders are next to each other. Squat down together, driving your hips straight back behind you and keeping your weight in the heels. From the bottom of the squat push off and jump up. At the top of your jump, give your partner a high-five with your inside hands. Land softly, bending your knees, and immediately dropping down into a squat again. Repeat 12 times, take a 15 second break and switch sides.

  1. Plank Claps

Start in a high plank position, head to head with your partner. Keeping as stable as possible, raise your right arm and clap hands with your partner. Repeat and switch arms to high-five with the left. Try to minimize rocking side-to-side, imagining you’re balancing a glass of water on your back you do not want to spill. Keep going for 30 total claps. This variation on a standard plank helps activate your core even more as it fights to stabilize your body when you shift your weight from one arm to the other.

  1.  High Knees and Burpees

Partner A completes 4 burpees (move down to a squat position, lower hands to the ground, kick your feet back into a plank, immediately return your feet to squat position and jump up), while Partner B runs in place with high knees. After Partner A has completed their burpees, Partner B takes over and does their 4 burpees while Partner A runs with high knees. Continue switching back and forth for 1 minute.

  1. Forearm Plank Rock & Lateral Jump

Partner A starts in a forearm plank with shoulders directly over the elbows. Partner A then continues to rock forward on their toes and then pushing back through the heels (think of your body like a saw, staying very straight but simply sawing forward and backward). While Partner A is rocking in the forearm plank, Partner B stands next to A’s feet and hops laterally over A’s ankles to the other side. Land lightly and immediately jump back to the other side as quickly as possible. To make it more difficult, Partner B can jump with both feet together at the same time. Repeat for 20 jumps, then switch roles.

Checkout www.greatist.com and www.livestrong.com for more buddy workout ideas that involve equipment like medicine balls and resistance bands. And don’t forget to give your partner one epic high-five when you’ve completed this workout!

-Emily Koches, Trainer and Certified Nutritionist


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