It might seem like an odd pair, but ask any seasoned yogi or lifter. If you can’t answer it already before the question leaves your mouth, a consistent practice over time yields oodles of results… what about the benefits of yoga combined with weightlifting?
In the interest of keeping it short and sweet, I’ll be focusing mainly on mobility and flexibility. The actual answer to that question would take a few 400-page books (at minimum) to respond to.  While it’s no slouch in terms of testing strength and endurance, yoga is world renowned as a practice that offers such challenging poses as the handstand, the splits, the crow and so on. However, at its most standard range as a way to move through any practice, movements like downward dog, camel, triangle, upward facing dog and cobra are exactly what the body needs as a counterbalance to weightlifting.
Check out these key yoga poses to complement your strength routine:


Down dog is perfect for tight hamstrings if you love to deadlift.




Triangle pose is amazing for hip mobility. If you’re a fan of the deadlift or the kettlebell swing, you need this!




After a few hardy moves like bicep curls, wrist curls, or any movements that weaponize your arms, the upward facing dog is terrific for the wrists.



Camel is a game-changer for relieving lower back pain and giving it strength. It’s a terrific way to improve your back’s love-hate relationship with the squat.


In addition to strengthening the shoulders, low back, and legs, cobra pose and cat cow stretch your abdomen while lengthening the spine. So next time, once you’ve finished up wailing on your core, remember these poses are the elixir of life to keep your abs strong and your back intact.


The body benefits from balance. If you’re primarily using explosive, fast-twitch muscle movements with your power lifting, consider yoga as a counterbalance by activating your slow-twitch muscle fibers. Yoga may also develop your breathing, and correct breathing patterns will only increase your results in the gym.

To crack the code in advancing your skills as a lifter with yoga, a vinyasa yoga class is the ideal option. It’s a fundamental practice that will allow you to incorporate the endless benefits from yoga such as the ones listed above. A vinyasa flow gives you everything you’ll need in becoming a better lifter, for the short-term and long-term. You can find vinyasa classes at most yoga studios– some of a heated variety and some at room temperature.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

Jon Abrams, Personal Trainer & Yogi at LulaFit

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