Many of you will be working from home for thefirst time. Here are some useful tools and resources to set yourself up for success!

  • Follow your morning routine as closely as possible. Wake up early, move your body, get showered and dressed for the workday.
  • Set up your ideal work environment. Ideally, in a room with a door to shut out distractions. Have a window or plant nearby to find a calming focal point.
  • Create a list of deliverables and keep yourself on task to finish them each day. This may be an opportunity to rise to the occasion and highlight your adaptable abilities.
  • Be proactive with communication. Follow up with your team on projects, and spend time connecting with your colleagues as you normally would. Everyone will appreciate the extra touchpoints to feel connected.
  • Limit distractions by keeping them out of your vision. Use focus apps like StayFocused or Cold Turkey to limit mindless scrolling on the internet. Listen to your body’s natural hunger signals and stay well hydrated. Take short breaks to keep a creative and positive mindset.
  • Use video calling as much as possible. Maintain social interactions with your colleagues and see that you have their attention and vice versa.
  • Set boundaries and clear responsibilities. Be in communication with your team so they understand what is happening with you personally. Agree to what you are responsible for and map out a plan to stay on task while balancing personal responsibilities.

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